NAFA Abuse & Molestation Policy


North American Fastpitch Association(NAFA) and the Players Choice Sports Association(PC) sanctions teams and provides rules for league and tournament play. NAFA & PC does not organize teams, select or approve coaches, players or volunteers for these teams. NAFA & PC strongly recommends that all parents of youth participants, as well as league officials, thoroughly check into the background and character of anyone (coaches, volunteers, or other individuals) that has contact with any minor participant or volunteer of their team or league.


NAFA & PC does not in any way allow or tolerate the abuse of children. If you know or suspect any child abuse (including sexual abuse or molestations) you must report it immediately to NAFA or PC at (503) 559-5398. NAFA and PC will conduct an investigation, keeping the safety of the children as the first priority. Knowing of instances of abuse and not reporting them may be grounds for dismissal and may result in legal liability. NAFA and PC will then notify the proper authorities regarding the allegations. NAFA and PC has the right to immediately suspend the accused party from participation in any NAFA and PC activity pending the outcome of the investigation.