at 5:54pm The Bracket was published for June 25-28 National UFO Weekend. Nearly everyone plays 1 or 2 games on Thursday or Friday.

Click here for the team list now, the brackets and game times were posted Tuesday at 5:54pmpm


Here is the info for coaches to get their Required Background Checks done


  1. Get your BACKGROUND CHECK DONE HERE, the cost is $8.

  2. ​All Coaches are required to take Concussion Training through either:​  ​National Federation of State High Schools, – or – the National Alliance for Youth Sports.

  3. Scan & email your Concussion


There are still 10 teams on the waiting list not in but we are looking for more fields.You can see who did get in on the live bracket app. We are restricted by the number of fields available in Newberg/Dundee and Keizer which are 4 grass infields and 11 dirt infields and everyone should expect to play on grass. Everyone has a game Thursday or Friday night and some divisions will finish prior to Sunday also. If you are a coach and havn’t told us what time you can get there to play on Thursday or Friday text us now at 503-559-5398 Coaches and parents go to and print out your parent covid-19 waiver to sign for your player. Coaches have to complete NAFA Background checks(it only takes an hour to get back and the other association ones don’t cross over). 25 people per squad inside the gate this weekend(the rest can sit outside the homerun fences in the unsupervised passive park areas).  The concussion test certificates you can scan and email to us from an resource. All spectators must wear  masks.