Updated at 5am Tuesday for July 4th-5th Tourney in Newberg. Coaches read below and email us back to confirm you have your game times. Coaches must complete NAFA background checks, and parents must go to www.youthfastpitch.org and read the back to the field guidelines and sign the covid-19 waiver for their player and give it to your coach to give to us. 25 squad size inside the gate this weekend at Crater and Jaquith. We put more time in between each set of doubleheaders so teams can warmup on their game field 30 min prior to their game on their field. At Jaquith there are no longer warmups allowed outside the fences so we are having teams warmup inside on jaquith 3 if their field isn’t open 30 minutes before your game time(but it should be open). At Crater you can warmup on the football field or if your are the first game of the day 45 minutes before your game time on your field. You will get one warning this weekend about masking and social distancing, if we have to tell you a 2nd time you will be asked to leave the gated area. Masks are required for spectators inside the gated area. Outside the homerun fences they aren’t required but they are recommended. Social distancing is required anywhere you are. Please follow these easy requests. Players and coaches and umpires on the field are not required to wear masks. People in the dugout are required to as too many are getting closer that 6 feet apart. Once each facility is at max capacity then they next two teams cant enter until their field clears of teams out of the gate.

Steve Davis was my friend and a huge supporter of both McMinnville and Linfield Sports Programs

June 20-21 Tourney Update…Still working on the brackets. still 10 teams on the waiting list not in.You can see who did get in on the live bracket app below. We are restricted by the number of fields available in Newberg/Dundee which are 4 grass infields and 6 dirt infields and everyone should expect to play on grass. Everyone has a game Thursday or Friday night and some divisions will finish prior to Sunday also. If you are a coach and havn’t told us what time you can get there to play on Thursday or Friday text us now at 503-559-5398 Coaches and parents go to www.youthfastpitch.org and print out your parent covbid-19 waiver to sign for your player. Coaches have to complete NAFA Background checks(it only takes an hour to get back and the other association ones don’t cross over). 25 people per squad inside the gate this weekend(the rest can sit outside the homerun fences in the unsupervised passive park areas). We are trying to get the brackets posted tonight by don’t have a specific time yet. The concussion test certificates you can scan and email to us from an resource.

Updated 10:45am Tuesday for June 13-14. Saturday times are posted below. Sunday will be posted once all coaches confirm their saturday times by email at youthfastpitch@gmail.com or by text at 503-559-5398 . 25 people per team inside the gate, all others can sit outside the homerun fence in the passive park areas but no pop up tents on the passive park walk/running paths blocking the path for passive park runners/walkers. Yamhill County is in phase 2. ONLY Newberg and Carlton fields are open and 6 of the 13 fields are grass infields and it is the only we we could get everyone a chance to play this weekend so prepare your parents as these are the ONLY fields open and available. SMILE and have FUN and follow the safety rules so we can keep playing as we could lose this privilege if everyone doesn’t do their part. No animals. Concession stands will be open. Bring your own chair. Anyone in attendance watching or participating while NOT actively participating on the field must wear a mask. Active participants on the field do not have to wear a mask but are allowed to. Please read all info below and everyone read the NAFA “Back to the Fields” Guidelines at www.youthfastpitch.org It also has the parent covid-19 waivers and Mandatory NAFA Coach Background check and social distancing guidelines

Updated 9:30am sunday morning., we are on time . we will update throughout the day if needed. Rain info line is 888-852-1115 ………………………..8pm Saturday night….we will update again at 10pm and in the morning at 6:30am but we are optimistic about sunday………………….10am saturday… the sunday new bracket times are posted below ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,…as of 7:45am saturday we decided to play it safe(DUE TO LIGHTNING , RAIN) and just play on sunday only. we will update the sunday brackets by doing coin tosses and post the sunday schedules on the app below. Lightning and unforgiving rain forced us to rain out saturday but we will play on sunday. only………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..June 6-7 both days games are posted below for Newberg, 2 issues, rain is coming so use the rain info line 888-852-1115 and Yamhill County applies for phase 2 on Wednesday and we should head back soon after that.We scheduled so not many would need hotels this weekend and due to covid-19 most teams have double headers both days to minimize the congregating. all coaches have to be NAFA background checked to be on the field or in the dugout so do that today. Also send your concussion certificates. The NAFA “Back to the Fields” Guidelines for phase 2 are at www.youthfastpitch.org All players must have their parent sign the covid-19 waiver and the coach will hand them to us as you walk in for contact tracing and that is on the website www.youthfastpitch.org everyone should read the NAFA Back to the Fields Guidelines prior to the weekend.