Newberg “C” Opening Ceremonies 4:30pm Friday. Team Info Sheet(Print it out and bring it with you to Opening Ceremonies), Pizza Party, Player Contests & Pin trading info for both Cities

Click here for the NAFA Summer Nationals Team Information Sheet for Opening Ceremonies bring this with you filled out ( in Newberg at 4:30pm Friday night) and    Each team performs a skit as they move from the outfield grass to the infield and they are judged and the winners rewarded.

The Pizza Party and Player Contest and Pin Trading for “C” Summer Nationals inNewberg will be Friday night at 4:30pm at Crater Park. As you enter find Dawn and the Pizza and get your 2 pizzas per team. Pin trading will take place in front of the Souvenir table. The Player Contests are described in  this handout that you can click on and may be modified slightly. Make sure your moms bring their tennis shoes for the moms relay race. 

Click here for the 4:30 pm friday skills contests info after opening ceremonies