SUMMER NATIONALS INFO HERE…………………….. Our New Live app is live now, click the link below for all the Summer Nationals live updated scores and follow the brackets on your cell phone. July 26-29 “C” Summer Nationals in Newberg

2018 Summer Nationals Info for coaches and parents…the tourney info line is 888-852-1115 in case of rain

This is is a National Tournament and spectators are charged a gate fee. Please let your fans know so that they are not surprised when they get to the park.

SPECTATOR  ADMISSION  FEES (everyone plays a minimum of three days) Spectator Admission Fees will be $8.00 daily adult ticket, $5.00 daily youth/senior ticket-or SAVE on a $20.00 adult tournament pass (save $12.00 over four days or save $4.00 over three days), and a $12.00 youth ages 11-17 or Senior Citizens (over 60) tournament pass (save $8.00 over four days or $3.00 over three days). Each team is given 3 coach staff passes, all others have to pay the gate fee.

Addresses to each park

C = Crater Complex, 203 Foothills Dr, Newberg 97132
J = Jaquith Park, 1400 Main, Newberg 97132
North Clackamas Park Complex is 5440 SE Kellogg Creek DR., Milwaukie, 97222,
ROSE=Rosemont Ridge Middle School, West Linn, 20001 Salamo Rd, West Linn 97068, Rosemont is an artificial turf field and NO METAL CLEATS are allowed, and no sunflowers seeds and no sugary drinks as it harms the turf(please remind your players) before they get into the car for the trip to the event.

Summer Nationals Brochure Link

Tournament Rules, the time limit has been modified to no new inning after 80 minutes for all games

Tournament Ceremonies and player contests, and pizza party and pin trading will all take place friday night this weekm in Newberg at 6pm at Crater park  Please click here and fill out this Opening Ceremonies info and team info sheet and bring it to you to the park that night, Teams line up on the outfield grass near the infield for the ceremony, Each team does a skit as they are introduced, then the national anthem by a player, then we start the contests, as yo enter the park or ceremonies have your coach get your 2 teams pizzas.

Click here for the Player Contest rules and pizza party info and pin trading  in Newberg  will take place on Friday night at 6pm in Newberg Here is the flyer explaining the contests

Pickup player Rules for each division
The reality is that they are needed for any major event like this. You must get pre-approval for any pick-up player before Wednesday at 2pm the week of the event by emailing us at Teams may have up to 3 pickup players of the same class or lower just like on any weekend during the year. “A” teams can draw from A,B or C teams the same age or lower. “B” teams may draw from B or C teams the same age or lower. “C” teams can only draw from other “C” teams the same age or lower. We don’t like pitchers as pickup players but they are allowed but must be pre-approved first and they may be denied. FOR SUMMER NATIONALS ONLY as we have since the beginning of our program(and this is for position players only(not for pitchers), each team can use one age eligible player(not pitchers) from the same class (A to A, B to B, C to C) that played up this year that is not a pitcher(i.e. a 14c player that is 12c age eligible can play on a 12C team),( a 16A age eligible player that has played 18A all year can drop down in 16A for this even), a 14B age eligible player that has played 16B all year can drop down in 14B for this event. You CANNOT go from 18A to 16b,  or from 16A to 14B, or from 14A to 12B,  or from 12A to 10B. “C” teams CANNOT use pickup players from “B” teams. Every player must be pre-approved by us first and we reserve the right to DENY them for any reason. We will decide on any situations that are gray areas or don’t fall within these guidelines or are special circumstances that are reasonable such as 10U playing 12c and 12b playing 14c exceptions. 17U can use any level player that was 17U on jan 1.

Click here for All NAFA Summer Nationals Pool Play, Double Elim Brackets and Consolation brackets and you can follow along live as each game is updated. For the best VIEW, hit the “Divisions” button, thn the CLASS you want, then you can see a great overview of pool play and brackets all on one page.