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POSTED NOW Saturday Sept 24th Tourney & Rainout makeups to be played on Sept. 24th in Newberg

All games in Newberg at Crater Park or Jaquith Park

11:30 Crater 3  Washington Sidewinders vs Forest Grove Thunderstrikers
1pm Crater 3   Forest Grove Thunderstrikers  vs Canby Rebels
2:30 Crater 3   McMinnville Grizzlies vs Washington Sidewinders
4pm Crater 3  McMinnville Grizzlies vs Canby Rebels

12U Tournament 3GG(Head to Head, least runs given up)
1pm Crater 1   Tigard Crush Orange vs Rampage Rise
2:30 Crater 1   Newberg Ambush vs Rampage Neon
4pm Crater 1   Newberg Ambush vs Tigard Crush Orange
4pm Crater 2  Rampage Rise vs Rampage Neon
5:30 Crater 1   Rampage Neon vs Tigard Crush Orange
5:30 Crater 2  Rampage Rise vs Newberg Ambush

12U League Rainout Make Up Games
8:30am Crater 4 Grizzlies vs NW Thunder
10am Crater 4     OC Battitude vs NW Thunder
11:30 Crater 4       OC Battitude vs Grizzlies
1:30  Jaquith 1      North Valley Swat vs Portland Sparks
3pm Jaquith 1      North Valley Swat vs Cascade Cougars
4:30 Jaquith 1      Portland Sparks vs Cascade Cougars
2:30 Crater 4       Lake Oswego Renegades(Komitor) vs High Desert Yellowjackets
4pm Crater 4      Lake Oswego Renegades(Komitor) vs Scappoose Fireballs
5:30 Crater 4       Scappoose Fireballs vs High Desert Yellowjackets

8:30 Crater 2  Lake Oswego Renegades(Jeff) vs Portland Sparks
10am Crater 2 Lake Oswego Renegades(Jeff) vs Newberg Ambush
11:30 Crater 2  Portland Sparks vs Oregon Cyclones
1pm Crater 2  Newberg Ambush vs Rip City
2:30 Crater 2  West Linn Spirit vs Oregon Cyclones
3pm Jaquith 4  Rip City vs Clackamas Ice
4:30 Jaquith 4   West Linn Spirit vs Clackamas Ice

8:30 Crater 1    Canby Rebels vs Fusion
10am Crater 1  Triple Threat vs  Fusion
11:30 Crater 1   Triple Threat vs Canby Rebels



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