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Sunday Times are posted for June 24-25, Our Sunday(it will hit 100 degrees) efforts to keep everyone safe are, 1) we are using 4 extra fields to get teams out of the sun as early as possible on Sunday, (4 teams will be done at 11am, 24 teams done at 12:30, 22 done at 2pm, 13 teams done at 5:30 and just 12 teams finishing at 7pm) , 2) we are trying to make sure we have concessions at all fields, 3) You need to keep your kids hydrated before they play and while they are playing and you need to keep them in the shade, 4) after 2pm we will only use the flip flop rule if both coaches agree, 5) leave the dogs at home, 6) on Sunday only, we will use the no new inning after 80 minute time limit for every game(Saturday will use the normal 90 minute no new inning rule).

Please check the weather hotline at 888-852-1115 on Friday at noon, 6pm and 10pm and saturday  and sunday morning after 6:45am.

The Chehalem Park & Recreation District asked us to remind you that there are no animals allowed inside the softball complexes in Newberg.

The brackets are not updated during the weekend so you must get your tournament director’s cell phone # before you leave the park if you don’t have your sunday seeding yet.

10B (Newberg on Saturday and Lakeridge HS Sunday)(Updated 3pm Thursday)

10C(12 teams) (Newberg & McMinnville Saturday)(Sunday all in Newberg)(Updated 3pm Thursday)

12B/C(12 teams) Newberg & McMinnville Saturday & Sunday(Updated 3pm Thursday)

12C(13 teams) Newberg on Sunday(Updated at 3pm Thursday)

14B/C(8 teams) Sunday in Dayton & Yamhill & Champ Game in Newberg(Updated 3pm Thursday)

14C(8 teams) Newberg on Sunday(Updated at 3pm Thursday)

14A/16B Newberg on Sunday(Updated at 3pm Thursday)

18U/16A Newberg on Sunday(Updated at 3pm Thursday)




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Current Weekends Start Times and Brackets

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